Don't help the invaders Friday, November 11, 2005
Jeffrey Buck Metrowest Daily News
Illegal aliens continue to pose a threat to our national sovereignty.

The issue of denying in-state tuition to illegals is very clear cut.  These adults do not belong in the country, so why should they be allowed to enter colleges, let alone be given a tuition break?  The figure of "only 400 students" merely represents the camel's nose trying to get inside the tent.  Furthermore, that's 400 illegals filling classroom seats that belong to Americans, and that's 400 more people for American graduates to compete with in the job market.  I would only support such a measure if all illegal-alien college graduates were limited to becoming journalists.

While Attorney General Reilly "welcomes reports of exploitation" of illegals, I highly suspect he would not welcome reports of Americans who have been laid off so employers can hire illegals.

Miryam Wiley recently whined about employers not paying illegals saying, "All employers must play by the rules."  A few weeks ago there was a hullabaloo in the Metrowest Daily News about employers of illegals not complying with OSHA regulations.  Such employers cannot realistically be expected to obey the law in paying illegals or providing a safe work environment.  That is akin to expecting drug dealers to have their "product" cleared with the CDC.

This whole ugly scenario unfolding across America was summed up nicely by a Brazilian quoted in the Nov. 4 Framingham TAB:  "Even if the U.S. government built a wall along the border, people will come from parachutes."  Basically, we're being invaded.

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