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Help stop illegal aliens from taking American jobs

Town Meeting Members: A Request for one more town committee!
We have a town committee to look into the Rt. 126/Rt. 135 underpass problem (which is Framingham's second biggest problem).

We have the PILOT town committee to look into the social services growth industry in Framingham so that we can better understand this problem (which is Framingham's third biggest problem).

We however do not have any town committee to look into Framingham's costliest issue, illegal immigration. Why not?  It could be set up the same way the PILOT committee was set up. Five members selected by the Board of Selectman and five members selected by the Town Moderator.

How much longer can we go on pretending it's not an issue?

There is no law stating that immigration laws, specifically USC 8, Section 1324 and USC 18, Section 371 can only be enforced by Federal authorities.

Municipalities do not have the authority to regulate how police enforce the law.  A municipality cannot tell police officers to ignore certain laws and enforce others.

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