Show # Date Title/Link
90 11/10/2009 Drug forum, Cafe Belo update, ADL hate crimes/bullying laws, open debate on the holocaust and more..
89 11/03/2009 Update on flak from Weekly Show 86. Jim kicked out of BNI by Zionists.
88 10/27/2009 Holocaust fallout update.
87 10/20/2009 Latest statistics on illegals in Massachusetts. Summary of news articles.
86 10/13/2009 Local ministers aid and abet illegal immigration. Chomsky's daughter another abettor speaks to Framingham H/S students and does her best to brainwash them....and more
85 10/06/2009 My trip around town, Framingham Police get out of ICE 287g program, FPAC-TV review.
82 09/15/2009 Constitution meeting in Windham N.H, MWDNews not truthful, Misc news articles,and some highlights on article in the MWDN on Auschwitz.
81 09/08/2009 This show tonight is going to rattle a lot of people. I do a piece on the Topeka Kansas Westboro Baptist Church. They HATE everyone so don't shoot the messenger on this one. It all comes down to FREE Speech, or lack thereof...
78 08/20/2009 Framingham State Rep. Pam Richardson, illegal alien apologist and supporter, is video shy. Bonnie Erbe's three part series on illegal immigration issues.

Brazilian bird killers. Don't you just love those Brazilian values.

77 08/12/2009 Sandra Charton law suit, Muslims not too happy with Christian activist, update on Cafe Bello, Bonnie Erbe discussion with panel, and more
73 07/14/2009 Illegals on the run from State troopers, Old Station Steak House gets shut down for liquor violations, and Brazilians leaving...
72 07/06/2009 Lloyd Kaye interview, Harold Wolfe assault case update, Muslims are taking over the world..
71 06/29/2009 Hartwell Tavern 1775 reenactment, Nick P. interview, Revere business and town diversity, Vera values, illegals legal issues.
70 06/22/2009 Butterworth Park Day, the movie 1984 revisited, Animal Farm is alive and well with the SPLC.

Chief Steven Carl calls the Rizoli's Racist and White Supremacist, the town continues on it's crime ridden ways, and other news relate articles.

69 06/15/2009 Pam Richardson tries her word games again. Is the movie 1984 becoming a reality here?. Canada hate laws. Who are the Oathkeepers? Inspection station scam, Gay Pride Day......and more.
68 06/08/2009 The Demon-Crates led by Norma Shulman, try their hand at web censorship. How does selective journalism works? Ask Norma Shulman...

Framingham Health Dept tries to discourage Newton Wellesley Hospital Group from coming to Framingham, and misses health checks on illegal aliens....and more.

67 05/31/2009 Latest illegal immigration articles, SMOC legal illegal services 911 update and more.
66 05/25/2009 Town meeting happenings and the flouride scam
65 05/18/2009 Illegal immigration issues and the Dan Devlen case, lies, lies and more lies....
64 05/11/2009 Another crazy phone call... Brazilian boozers. Local immigration news....A Good history lesson on how the illegal immigration problem came about.
63 05/04/2009 Fan mail...actually a call, Immigration issues, several related newsworthy articles. Michael Jacoby Brown from MICAH is a nutcase his grandmother even thinks so. What's up with all the liars? How are illegals likened to catepillars...and much more.
62 04/29/2009 SMOC Forum, MICAH strikes again and stops the Rizoli's from attending a public meeting.... and more.... The Cathoilic Church should be ashamed!
61 04/21/2009 Democrats are embarrassed by Pam Richardson video.... They now work hard to remove it from all internet sites. Are they ashamed of it? See what their excuse is....Censorship at its best.

Kevin Costner video, Boston Marathon highlights, and more illegal alien news.

60 04/14/2009 Update on Pam Richardson fallout. Father Pranzo is still a liar.
59 04/07/2009 Jim takes on Pam Richardson on illegal immigration.
Pam Richardson 04/07/2009 Pam Richardson, State Representative, Sixth Middlesex (North Framingham) clearly outlines her positions on illegal aliens.
Pam Richardson 04/06/2009 Pam Richardson, State Representative, Sixth Middlesex (North Framingham) clearly outlines her positions on illegal aliens.
58 03/31/2009 Brazilian couple decides to go home, leaving us the bill. Foreclosures, Shirley Bate Bapo Show, Alan Keys blast Obama Police on camera and stiring ending.
57 03/24/2009 The police and Immigration Order 287g, Jim Rizoli blast the religious leaders for their hypocrisy, Thomas Paine blast everyone else, and the Power to the People Video....and more.
56 03/17/2009 MICAH aids and abets illegals, so does Pastor Cook, Father Pranzo, Peabody Mayor Bonfanti does too. Framingham hires three Brazilian police officers, Code Enforcement Officer takings bribes?. Is the whole town criminal!
55 03/10/2009 CCFIILE goes to Peabody, Mass another town
inundated with illegal aliens.
54 03/04/2009 Father Pranzo will have his day in court again.
Willy Labarge talks about illegal immigration when he was not PMS
53 02/23/2009 Crime and illegals, David Goldman update, he finally see
his son in Brazil and more news items.
52 02/18/2009 Update on Father Pranzo
51 02/10/2009 Father Pranzo needs to go to confession. Jim Rizoli exposes Father Pranzo for his not so accurate account of his assault on Joe Rizoli. Can a priest lie? Judge for yourself....He says he didn't "touch" Joe, hmmm...define touch.
50 02/03/2009 Arrogant Brazilian? babe calls me to complain.
Brazilian dating service, Terry Anderson
49 01/26/2009 Illegal immigrants want help,
Israel's terrorism, USS Liberty attacked!
48 01/20/2009 Will Obama save us? FHS student writes to Jim Rizoli
47 01/12/2009 Jim Rizoli takes on the Metrowest News the local Socialist
newspaper and more on illegal immigration from the American
46 01/12/2009 What is Racism?
45 12/31/2008 Jim vets on the veterans, more illegal immigration happenings,
Billy D has his say also
44 12/24/2008 Mass Pike meeting, more illegal happenings
Dr.Phil show on Brazilian kidnapping.
43 12/17/2008 More newsworthy illegal happenings and Brazilian child kidnapping
case recorded from Dr.Phil show
42 12/08/2008 Gang forum at St Tarcisius church, and other town happenings.
Father Pranzo likes to attack the Rizoli's
41 12/01/2008 The truth about foreclosures and all other things relating
to illegal aliens.
40 11/24/2008 The Brazilians want to rent out Nevins Hall on New-Years Eve
Do the Selectman go for it?
39 11/13/2008 Election over what's up next... Is real change going to come?
38 11/04/2008 Election Day, Obama rally on the common and how the some
Democrats like to harass people. Ron Rego town media personal
friend or foe?
37.5 10/27/2008 Jim Pillsbury interview at Fuller school and town common.
37 10/27/2008 Jim Pillsbury interview, write in candidate
Sixth Middlesex state representative
36 10/20/2008 Court cases of Dan Devlen and Bill Tulaba are discussed,
illegal immigration issues, Blogs for Borders and more..
35 10/14/2008 What type of kids are our school systems producing?
34 10/08/2008 Pam Richardson loves illegal aliens. Censorship is alive and well
in Framingham and Marlborough. FPAC refuses to listen to reason.
Blogs for Borders. Payoffs in Framingham Building dept at the
end of the video.
33 10/01/2008 Campaign Political humor, Dan Devlen case update,
Framingham Library protest, and more..
32 09/24/2008 After Blogs for Borders Jim Rizoli relates what happened with
his encounter with Dan Devlen Framingham High school video teacher
who didn't care for one of his past shows. Dan, threatens to
"break Me in half" if I ever did put his show up again.
Guess what, I'm playing the show again for Dan Devlen. I'll be
here waiting for him to break me in half..
31 09/18/2008 The Skunk interview, the Hard Truth of Abortion,
Tom Paine and Common sense..
30 09/14/2008 Illegal immigration news, videos on Rachels trip to
Best Friends Animal sanctuary in Utah, what is happening
wih dog racing in Massachusetts, and the "Hard Truth" about
the abortion industry.
29 08/28/2008 Democrats not doing so well. Drinking Bob tells up what he
thinks of them, Thomas Paine tells us what is wrong with
America, and more videos on illegal immigration.
28 08/04/2008 Foreclosures are high in Framingham.
Bank robbers love Framingham.
Illegal's are abandoning the town. Blogs for borders.
Hazelton Pennsylvania's illegal problem,
Thomas Paine speaks out about common sense
27 08/06/2008 Latest news articles on illegal immigration,
video tour of Framingham, drinking with Bob video,
voting fraud and much more
26 07/31/2008 Bill Tulaba case update. What's in your lightbulb?
Pottsville meat factory. More new artilces and videos
on illegal immigration.
25 07/25/2008 Daniel Tacuri case, more on the mortgage scam,
Blogs for borders and more.....
24 07/12/2008 Domestic violence, mortgage scams, electric car,
teennage prostitution, and illegal immigration.
23 06/24/2008 Local news articles, Blogs for Borders, Expelled movie,
Mal-Mart, Myspace, tainted tamotoes, and several funny videos.
Some good chuckles
22 06/09/2008 Current immigration news articles, videos of Outsourcing American
jobs to Mexico, Framingham's illegal immigration crises,
Lou Dobbs talks about anchor babies, foreclosures, a day with ICE,
and WAR, what is it good for?
And finally Brazil soccer team gets beaten by midgets.
21 05/20/2008 Jim Rizoli takes on town meeting.
Bottom line the police and the town in general aid and abet
illegal immigraion. Enough said for town revitilization.
20 05/20/2008 Peabody getting some needed attention.
Police are too easy on illegal alien drivers there.
Health Dept. not too concerned with whose serving food behind
the counters and Blogs for Borders, more news articles...
19 05/13/2008 Brazilian Global TV comes to Framingham to interview members of
the illegal immigration watchdog group CCFIILE. News man has
a lot to chew on in regards to what the illegal Brazilians are
doing to the town by their lawless ways.
18 05/06/2008 May Day celebration. Lou speaks out against illegal immigration. Violence in Mexico for American visitors. Domestic violence issues. Fireman 911 firefighters getting the shaft with health care compensation. Brazilian phone scam. Forefathers Monument in Plymouth. You're not in Kansas video.
17 04/29/2008 Bill Tuluba gets scolded for his perverted ways. The lies associated with the Iraq war and more.....
16 04/22/2008 Bill Tuluba gets exposed for his perverted ways. The press continues their slander and defamation of the Rizoli's. Brazilians still ripping us off with their mortgage scams
15 04/15/2008 Brazilians complain about police, the press
continues to slander the Rizoli's and CCFIILE.
Alan Keyes speaks out on illegal immigration.
14 04/08/2008 Does the recent town election mean change?
School committee woes: another override?
How will the St. Tarcisius incident fare?
13 04/02/2008 What really happened at St.Tarcisius Church Parish Hall.
What is guilt by association?
12 03/29/2008 Father Ted is accused of being a Racist
Candidates Review.
Illegal news happenings around town.
11   Christians/free speech, Brazilian mortgage scam
Local town elections
10   Democrats turn Framinham in social service haven
Dumbing down at our schools
9   Selectman turn down Jim Rizoli's request for town meeting
Illegals causing more problems for Framingham
8   Various news items and political videos
of the Presidential Candidates
7   Tom Cruise rattles on about nothing.
Jim takes on Brazilian cable show.
Various clips of illegal immigration events
6   Trip To The Border
5   Jaffrey N.H. Interviews with freedom fighters
Usual illegal immigration discusion
4   News Review of Illegal happenings in Framingham
3   Police protest, BU debate, Spy Chips interview

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