Illegal Immigration Chat Shows on Google Video
Show # Date Title/Link
2009 Marathon clip 04/21/2009 2009 Boston Marathon clip in down Framingham
Pam Richardson 04/06/2009 Pam Richardson, State Representative, Sixth Middlesex (North Framingham) clearly outlines her positions on illegal aliens.
204 03/24/2009 Recap of Weekly Show 56, MICAH group loves to aid and abet illegal
aliens. Pastor Cook, Father Pranzo, the politicians, the
whole shabang...should be in jail for their treason.
Better yet let's send them to Brazil.
202 03/10/2009 Miscellaneous illegal immigration issues (2)
199 02/15/2009 Miscellaneous illegal immigration issues (1)
198 02/8/2009 Father Pranzo Recap
197 02/01/2009 Hodgepod of illegal happenings
196 01/24/2009 Metrowest News, Steve Orr, Racism
195 01/17/2009 Racism
194 01/10/2009 Veterans who are un-American, Billy D, Brazilian child kidnapping
193 12/29/2008 Billy D. takes on the illegals
191 12/17/2008 More illegal happenings, Father Pranzo again and
Brazilian child abduction
190 12/11/2008 More illegal happenings and repeat of Father Pranzo attack.
189 12/05/2008 Framingham has a new Fire Chief, Brazilian businesses bad
for the town, and watch out for militant gays!
Mystery Meat 11/25/2008 Time for a barbecue?
You bring the shrimp, we'll bring the grill.
188 11/25/2008 Lots of video from the past
187 11/18/2008 Obama victory good or bad?
185 10/11/2008 Pam Richardson loves illegals. Who is she working for?
184 10/03/2008 Dan Devlen case continues, Selectman don't seem to care.
183 09/23/2008 Lots of good video pieces deaing with illegal immigration and
what's it's doing to our country.
182 09/15/2008 The real story of Crispus Attucks. Tom Paine speaks about common
sense and the usual illegal immigration happenings.
181 09/08/2008 John Kerry comes to Framingham and the Rizoli's are there to
greet him. Tom Paine tells us what is wrong with America and
much more....
180 09/01/2008 Police Bad Boys Intro, Jim interviews some people during
Framingham day. More of the goings on of illegal aliens
in our country.
179 08/15/2008 Jim at Cushing Park flag day celebration. Weekly Show update.
More articles and video dealing with our illegal
immigration problem.
178 08/08/2008 Jim tours downtown Framingham, a town happy with illegal immigration.
177 08/04/2008 Rizoli Vs Tulaba, pro-illegal immigration foe a no-show in court,
but turns himself in. More illegal immigration topics
176 07/27/2008 Deport Tacuri 2.
Lots of videos dealing with illegal immigration.
175 07/27/2008 Deport Tacuri. Milford police working with him.
American legion etc..
174 07/27/2008 The Firebull restaurant in Peabody, Mass. is allegedly known
for their hiring of illegal aliens, watch as Billy D
exposes the owner of the establishment for their illegal ways.
173 07/21/2008 Billy D speaks out about the illegal immigration in his town
of Peabody Mass
169 07/02/2008 Local activist gets to have his say on what
is happening with illegal immigration in his town of Peabody.
Public officials are responsible for the problem.
168 05/28/2008 Jim Rizoli speaks at town meeting about illegals and
their driving habits. He also takes on the subject of
illegal businesses in town. Framingham seems to like the
illegals and it's costing us millions, go figure!
165 05/15/2008 Review of various CCFIILE shows, Plymouth, MA,
Nashoba Brook Bakery, Whole Foods
164 05/08/2008 Brazilian preacher yells and screams at flock
Nashoba Brook Bakery again, May Day.
Many more misc clips dealing with illegal immigration.
163 05/01/2008 Update Bill Tuluba case
Brazilian TV interview, video of TV crew crossing over the border
162 04/24/2008 Nashoba Brook Bakery in Concord bakes bread for Whole Foods but did you know they are sticking it too the illegals working for them
161 04/16/2008 Peabody intoduction. Alex Jones Battle for the Republic. Jim+Joe discuss the Brazilian Connection. Wayland Pastor aids and abetts illegals..
160 04/09/2008 Framingham's Police academy Intro
Micah madness, Father Pranzo shows his intolerence and hate
Alex Jones video
159 03/31/2008 Arrest the Rizoli's, guilt by association for Bob Berman,
Alex Jones, world takover, Illma Paixao is still around.
Translating the Brazilian TV, Vera Da Freitas has a new business.
St. Tarcisius
Video Clip (2)
03/31/2008 Video of the police escorting the Rizoli's
out of the St. Tarsicius Parish Hall
Special Clip 03/29/2008 Bob Berman on the commie side?
St. Tarcisius
Video Clip (1)
03/27/2008 Rizolis are threatened with arrest at St. Tarcisius
Please call
Pastor: Rev. Joseph F. Pranzo, C.S. for his intolerence and hate.
562 Waverly St.
Phone: 508-875-8623
Brazilian Phone: 508-875-6347
Fax: 508-875-6458
158 03/25/2008 Who's a racist?
Special Clip 03/22/2008 Dennis Giombetti, King of Nothing
157 03/16/2008 Lou Dobbs video on the NAFTA Super Highway
Town of Framingham's helping out illegal businesses
Typical illegal immigration goings on in town
156 03/12/2008 The Brazilian Mortgage scam hits us hard.
Brazilan businesses are leaving, and that's good news!
155 02/26/2008 Illegal Businesses are welcomed in the Town.
Who's protecting the Town?
154 02/25/2008 Framingham Schools condone murder
Review of Congressman Markey's Visit
153   Congressman Markey comes to town
152   Jim Rizoli exposes Richard Pellitier for his mistatements and slanderous remarks.
151   Shirleys Brazilian cable show exposed, for their lawless ways.
150 02/14/2008 Brazilian Corruption At Its Best
149   Interview with John Galante of Columbia University
148   Various youtube clips dealing
with illegal immigration.
147 01/06/2008 Jaffrey New Hampshire Interviews
Live Free or Die Rally Aug 2007
146   Thanks For the Memories, Review of 2007
145   Crime victims of illegal aliens
144   Illegals driving
143 12/07/2007 Jim goes to Washington, part 2
Brazilian Injustice, June 18, 2007
142   Jim goes to Washington, part 1
141 11/27/2007 Police Protest part 2 and the BU debate part 2.
Misc. illegal alien goings on in Framingham Ma and other places
140 11/18/2008 Protest at Police station,
Mayor Barletta speaks at BU debate
139   Protest at the Framingham Library (part 2), Steve Orr
138   Jim Rizoli around town, schools, Brazilian kids
137 (2) 11/02/2007 Hillary, Clinton, Ted Kennedy, SMOC
137   Joe lays into SMOC
136   Opposition arises to CCFIILE Show
CCFIILE still manages to get Acamedy Award
Infamous May day song at the end.
135   In and around town
134   In and around town
133   Jim on Hull Cable
132   We Won't Back Down! Downtown Brazilian Protest
131   Around Town with Jim Rizoli
130   Civic League Protest
126   Downtown Framingham Day labor site
125   New-Bedford Pro American Rally
123   JFK Rally against Amnesty
122   Green Grass movie harassment
119   Interview with Richard Pellitier
118   Marblehead
117   Skunk
116   Memorial Bldg
113   Lexington
112   Immigration Talk with JBS
111   School myth and Immigration
110   Bramas, illegal driving, etc.
109   New Bedford Raid
108   Ipanema Restaurant
105   Avon Street Fire, Tom Tancredo interview
78   Illegals and Licenses
30   Copley Sq Rally
    Paul Revere Ride 2006 and more

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