Vehicle Identification
State:License No Make Model Description Company Name Address Phone Email Address
MA:107-YXN Plymouth   Green van        
MA:14G-Z31     Unmarked white
van with ladder
MA:29C-F60 Nissan   Green sedan, with
Fantastic Painting
MA:35W-A26     Sedan        
MA:43S-H58     Unmarked van with ladder holder        
MA:564-919 Isuzu   Big open truck Reliable Fence Conmpany Ashland 1-800-982-6858  
MA:6129c (D06 sticker)     White van Express Painting (plastic sign)   508-877-6470, 774-245-7524  
MA:658-YJN Ford F-150 Unmarked white van        
MA:872-210 Chevrolet   Red unmarked van        
MA:CA8-524     Trailer Riverside Tree and Landscape   508-872-4054
MA:H67-885 Ford Econoline White van MS Painting   877-266-7100
MA:J55-524     White van Sobrinho Painting   617-201-5953  
MA:J80-199       MS Painting   877-266 7100  
MA:J97-442     6 wheel dump truck
(# 75) from Milford
Rosado & Sons Inc
24 Wellington Ave
MA:K13-488     Gray van Tile SOUTO   508-875-0205  
MA:K24-693 Chevrolet   White van Central Cleaning
and Painting Inc
Westborough, MA 774-244-7296  
MA:K24-828     White van Fantastic Painting 275 Beaver Street
MA:K35-828     White van Lord Charles Painting Company      
MA:K62-353 Chevrolet Z71 Black pickup MS Painting   877-266-7100
MA:K71-711   F350 Black truck JSM Demolition MA Contractor # 143551    
MA:K79-056 Dodge Ram 1500          
MA:K96-510     Truck Riverside Tree and Landscape   508-872-4054
MA:K97-448       Emerson and Co Painting   800-351-9288  
MA:K99-766     Red dump truck Middlesex Landscaping Service      
MA:K99-872       Gel Landscaping      
MA:L19-248     Yellow Pensky rental truck        
MA:L39-913     Unmarked white van        
MA:L43-762 Ford F-250 White pickup truck ERS Construction   774-244-2036  
MA:L43-889     Dark green van 4 Brothers Painting Inc   774-278-0812  
MA:L44-902       American Chimney Pros 987 Worcester Rd
Natick, MA 01760
MA:L50-734     White van Desilo Auto Repair/Sales   508-852-2070  
MA:L62-719     Red dump truck,
Full landscaping
MA:RW849 Jeep   Unmarked jeep with ladder        
MA:X98-03K     Unmarked white van        
MA:14-287 Partial     Unmarked white van        
MA:       Eddie's Irrigation and Landscaping   508-845-0001  
MA:5-407 Partial       Trust Cleaning      

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