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Framingham's Day Laborer Problem

Framingham has a at least one major pickup point for day laborers.  It is located in downtown Framingham and only 700 feet from the police headquarters, and directly across the street from town hall and Edward Markey's Framingham office.

The Memorial Building has a video surveillance camera on the corner overlooking the day laborer pickup point so the town could be watching this activity around the clock if they so wished.

Neither the local news media (Metrowest Daily News) or the Board of Selectman have even admitted that this activity exists at all even though it's horribly obvious.

The day laborers line up each day in front of the Padaria Brasil Bakery (165 Concord Street) to get picked up by various companies.

Each day, rain or shine, like clockwork, various vans, pickup trucks and other vehicles stop by to find a few good men to pick up.  Pickup time is between 7 AM and 9 AM. Come see for yourself.

Some companies are sensitive to being seen parked or double parked in front of the Padaria Brasil Bakery so they will drive by and park around the corner on Frederick Street for their pickups.

We suspect that there are other pickup points and we will find them in time by observation.

Location of
pickup point
Small image of
pickup point
Large image of
pickup point

Write up sheets for logging pickup information
Flyer to distribute to the contractors/employers of day laborers
Day Laborers Pickup Log

We are now maintaining a log of employers/contractors that come routinely to provide employment to these day laborers.  Periodically we go downtown around seven in the morning and just take notes on who comes by and enter it in our ever growing log.

In time, it should provide us with a profile of who is encouraging day laborers into Framingham by hiring them. We hope for some interesting results.

We will occasionally do some investigative work on the most prominent companies that show up most frequently and perhaps if necessary, report our findings to the Framingham Board of Selectman and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Hopefully company payroll records will be cross checked with our information for verification purposes.

We already know that the Board of Selectman are encouraging illegals thru their Welcoming Proclamation so one might them expect them to be pretty much useless in this endeavor.

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