The Underlying Cause of Illegal Immigration Thursday, May 18, 2006
Paul Murano CCFIILE
I'm not an expert in demographics but it seems we are ignoring an important point in this debate. Let's look at it simply. Democrats generally tend to favor illegal immigration because of the potential votes involved. But why do Republicans turn a blind eye? It seems that business needs cheap labor, and illegal immigrants are willing to work long hours in tedious jobs for little pay. If all businesses had only legal American workers they would have to raise salaries, perhaps putting themselves out of business in the process. So with Democrats it's political, with Republicans it's economic; votes and revenue; power and money. Taking advantage of new immigrants for votes has been standard operation for Democrats, but more peculiar is the Republican response. It is imperative that we ask this question: Why are illegal workers necessary for our economy? What did American businesses do before its dependence on illegal immigrants, and what has changed? This is the question that needs answering. Allow me to build up to one that I think needs serious consideration.

Capitalist economies need an underclass. There is no profit if all workers are paid plentifully. At its infancy the economy of this nation was built upon the backs of slaves.

After realizing this was dehumanizing to both slaves and the nation we turned to another type of underclass, children. Many children worked long hours of drudgery in the height of the industrial revolution. After realizing that childhood should be for children, and creating child labor laws to protect them, we turned to adolescents.

Teenagers seemed to be the perfect underclass. Providing low paying jobs to teens was neither dehumanizing nor degrading. They were content with little pay for entry-level jobs, making some money while pursuing other things. Workers were happy, management was happy, and the economic problem seemed to be solved. For such businesses and America's economic health adolescents were there answer.

So what has changed in the past generation? Why are illegal immigrants now seen as necessary to fill these positions that American adolescents used to have? What happened to our natural underclass that allowed America's economic engine to prosper?

In the 1960's minors under 18 comprised of 36% of the population, in 2003 that number went down to 25%. It may not seem like much, but it illustrates the drastic change of the American family of the past that normally had four, five or six children to the American Family of the past three decades with its 1.8 children. For the first time in history the size of the American family dropped dramatically without raising again. Children of the 50's, 60's and 70's who are running businesses today simply do not have enough young Americans to fill the menial jobs that keep their businesses afloat. Illegal immigrants are now seen as the answer to filling this gap.

This brings us to our final inquiry: What interrupted this natural demographic rhythm that worked so well in the past? Why all of a sudden are American families producing 1.8 children, resulting in the great social imbalance whose reverberations we're just beginning to feel with the social security and illegal immigration crises?

As we started valuing money over life, measuring quality of life with material things and vacations rather than children, what was it that enabled American and European families to have their 1.8 children, giving rise to a culture that makes inevitable the eventual disappearance of Western Civilization as we know it? What was the material catalyst?

The answer is so simple that only a society blinded by and addicted to the sexual revolution and resultant culture of death could be unable to see it. Contraception. The popularization of contraception gained by The Pill in the 1960's got the ball rolling, winning a major victory for the selfish dimension of our human nature by enabling us to choose money over persons and self over love. By ignoring the possibility that this would come back to bite us in many ways, including the bite of social and economic imbalance, America now must pay the price.

And the more this country depends on non-citizens for her national survival and well-being the more she will see a loss of her self identity. Meanwhile, Arabs in Europe and Hispanics in America have been procreating at very healthy rates. As the Euro-American world dies off we can not blame foreigners or immigrants for this self-destruction. The western world, as John Paul II once said, has lost its will to live. And I will humbly add to that that The Pill has become for man the new fruit of the forbidden tree (if you partake of it you are surely doomed to die. ”(Genesis 2:17). Not only did it give rise to the abortion culture and its 60 million deaths, many of whom who could have taken those "undesirable jobs that Americans don't want", but it has also lead western man to a slow collective suicide necessitating masses of illegal immigrants.

When man violates the natural law there are always consequences to be paid. So while you scratch your head wondering why politicians both liberal and conservative continuously do nothing about the danger of illegal immigration, especially in a post-9/11 world, perhaps you now have another perspective on its underlying cause.

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