Immigration Bombshell Saturay, May 27, 2006
Jack Prindiville Metrowest Daily News
MWDN's May 26 editorial takes Jim Rizoli to task for describing America's out of control illegal immigration crisis as " unlawful invasion of our country."  Referring to Rizoli, the editorial states, "He's wrong, of course.  An invasion is when the army of one country enters another country to seize power and control territory."  Microsoft Encarta World English Dictionary agrees with this definition but expands it to include a second definition:  " The arrival of large numbers of people or things at one time such as an invasion of tourists."

Rizoli's use of the word "invasion" is correct according to Microsoft Encarta, and the numbers prove it.  We are being truly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the illegal alien "invasion" of our country, and we have our political leaders at the federal, state, and local levels (and ourselves) to blame for ignoring too long this burgeoning problem.  When the issue is brought to the attention of Framingham selectmen and representatives on Beacon Hill, the answer invariably is, "Oh, that's a federal problem."  Regretably, local, state, and national media have acted in a similarly cavalier fashion.  Fortunately, CNN's Lou Dobbs and national and local radio talk show hosts do not buy into this blatant dereliction of civic responsibility and have used their bully pulpits to awaken the American public to the looming threat facing our country.

The town of Milford has not been afraid to take matters into its own hands and has enacted housing and health measures to protect the community against the harmful effects of illegal aliens in its midst.

Recently six Republican members of the State Senate introduced legislation to crack down on housing fraud by illegal aliens and employers illegally hiring these people.

The Heritage Foundation predicts if current legislation before Congress granting wholesale amnesty passes, this could mean that at least 100 to 200 million new immigrants, both legal and illegal, could move here in the next 20 years.  Our country cannot sustain this demographic bomb shell and the culturally destabilizing impact it would have.

A prediction for the 2008 Presidential Election: Illegal immigration -- not Iraq, terrorism, price of oil, or inflation -- will be the defining issue of the campaign.  The candidate, Democrat or Republican, who comes up with a forthright and credible strategy to reverse the onslaught of illegal immigration and promises to restore respect for the rule of law will be the winner.  The candidate obfuscating on this issue will lose.

Check with me in November 2008.

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