Framingham's Welcoming Proclamation

Framingham's Welcoming Proclamation is our finest example of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  It was written in a very contentious environment and certain words were specifically left out.

In the last sentence where it says of all who become part of our community, it should have said of all law abiding people who become part of our community. Those who wanted this proclamation fought desperately and won the right to exclude the term law abiding. This would allow the inclusion of all illegal criminal aliens who settle in Framingham.

In essence, it was a specific act to encourage, aid and abet illegal aliens despite all the federal laws such as Title 8, Section 1324 and Title 18, Chapter 9, Section 371 that make it illegal to do so.

One fine example of what happens is this story of a rapist. Our proclamation encourages these people to settle in Framingham.

The proclamation along with SMOC services also encourages Level 3 sex offenders to settle in Framingham .

The proclamation also encourages more children of illegals to come to Framingham and the neanderthals on our school committee are taken by (Gasp!) surprise. This will be used to justify more overrides.

The notion that this was encoded as a town policy and signed by four members of the Board of Selectman is just plain absurd.  It still stands as a town policy peddled by Katherine Murphy as Chairman of the Board of Selectman.

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